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Our products are genuine and of top quality, compared to many others on the market. We don't pre pack and shelf the products they are prepared per order. You can be assured and guaranteed of the freshness and quality

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Moringa (Pure Raw Organic Powder)

Mix powder in their food; do not worry if you add a little more or a little less using the powder no harm will occur.

Over 4 months and between 5-10 pounds, your additive in loose powder aprox. 1/4 flat teaspoon or 250mg capsule, 1 per day feeding.

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4 months old and over 10 pounds; your additive can be either in loose powder aprox. 1/2 flat teaspoon or 500mg capsule, 1 per day feeding

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Powder Capsules

100% Moringa Powder


For Cats

Moringa (Pure)

For your pet cat here is the guide lines, do not worry if you make a mistake no harm will occur.
Mix powder in food.
Easiest way to give the additive is to take a 1/2 teaspoon with some honey or vaseline and mix the powder together. Then wipe the mixture on their arm, they will automatically lick themselves clean.

(12 months and older; under 10 pounds you can give aprox. 1/8th of a flat teaspoon.)

12 months and older; over 10 pounds you can give aprox. 1/4 flat teaspoon, 1 per day feeding.

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