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People - Dogs - Cats

A great Source Of Nutrients Minerals & Vitamins

No Side Effects

Safe to take with other supplements or prescribed medication

This amazing Moringa leaf offers

25 x more Iron then Spinach
7 x more vitamin C then oranges
15 x more potassium then bananas
4 x more protein then eggs
10 x more vitamin A the carrots
17 x more calcium then milk
and much more...

People - Dogs - Cats

Rich in fiber, Very nutritious, High in oxidants
Helps boost antioxidant levels
Helps with anxiety
Helps with insomnia
Helps to relax
High in oxidants
Helps with weight loss or maintenance
Helps lactating mothers or lactating female dogs, in milk production
Helps maintain and cleanse the colon
Helps increase the energy level
Helps in detoxifying the body, and nourishes it
Helps strengthen the bodies immune system
Helps in stimulating the metabolism
Helps with thyroid issues
Helps in protecting the heart & Liver
Helps with brain wellness
Helps with diabetes
Helps in the treatment of Osteoporosis & Arthritis
Helps in the resistance of infections
Helps with balancing the hormones
Helps in reducing inflammation
Helps in reducing allergies & asthma
Helps with respiratory issues
Helps the nervous system to relax
Helps in fighting Cancer
Helps enhance eye sight
Helps and serves as an antibacterial agent
Helps and protects as well as nourish bone, because of its high content of calcium

Information in table below is provided per 100 grams Courtesy of moringa facts www.moringafacts.net








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